Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cellphone plan from Google Fi

I have been using this cell service plan for almost 3 years and enjoyed it very much. Now Google officially moved it out from Project Fi to Goolge Fi. They are running some promotions and I just want to share with you in case you are looking for some flexible cell phone service.
Here are some highlights:
  • $20 for unlimited talk and text, and $15 for each additional family members with also unlimited talk and text.
  • Pay only for the data you use ($10/GB). For instance, if you only use 100MB, you pay $1 for data. Data usage are combined for all family members. International roaming costs the same. If you go back to China, you pay the same data rate. The cell phone service automatically work internationally unless you turn it off.
  • A few friends can enjoy the family plan easily by using the PayBack feature for each family members.
  • Here is the best part: You can order Data-Only sim cards for free and use it on any cell phone or tablet to enjoy the same data rate. By using the Data-Only sim card on the phone, you can set up a Google Voice account to get a free cellphone number and make and receive call from that phone for free. You only pay for the data for the Google Voice service. Basically, you can get additional cellphone service for free.
  • Support a lot of compatible Android phones and also iPhones.
  • It's from Google:)
Here is the link (you will get extra $20 credit if you use the link):
Or you can go to the service page directly:
Hope everyone have a good holiday season!

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